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Agriculture Research & Development

World’s First Organic Vegetable Terrarium.jpg

World’s First Organic Vegetable Terrarium

This terrarium is essentially a greenhouse that has been shrunk into a box - designed to let beneficiaries enjoy fresh, nutritious, unrefrigerated vegetables at the comfort of their own homes without being a farmer.

Restoring Biodiversity with Soil Microbes.png

Restoring Biodiversity with Soil Microbes

The United Nations has issued a glaring statement - that the world only has less than 60 years of farmable soil left. For the past 2 decades, Dr. Billy Tang has been jointly researching on biodiversity restoration on abandoned palm oil plantations.

Soilless Farming via Aquaponics.jpg

Soilless Farming via Aquaponics

Pioneering soilless agriculture techniques since 2009 - even before the term ‘hydroponic’ and ‘aquaponic’ became agricultural buzzwords, Dr. Billy Tang has dabbled with soilless farming in both modular and commercial scale.

Tilapia ice cream.png

Downstreaming Tilapia As Ice-Cream

Created by Dr. Dana G. Vera Cruz, under Central Luzon State University, Tilapia Ice Cream has won the International Gold Award on Food Innovation at the Salon International d’la Agroalimentaire (SIAL) ASEAN 2016.


Satellite Farm

Our aspiration is to see every OKU centre, welfare, old folks, and orphanage home with at least one satellite farm to serve as their local procurement (channel). We want to help NGOs achieve financial independence, and encourage disabled communities to contribute to nation building by becoming farmers.

How You Can Make A Difference (backgroun

How You Can Make A Difference

No ambition too large, no effort too small. From little gestures like connecting us to a welfare shelter in dire need, to getting us involved with designing a smart food chain for your smart city - if you have the right heart to sow a good seed, please reach out to us.

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