Social Impact Projects & Partners

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Fresh Food Bank

with Daily Bread Food Bank

At food banks, donations of organic vegetables and a decent protein source are very rare due to their perishable shelf-life. PWD Smart Farmability works with Daily Bread Food Bank to provide organic fish and regenerative organic vegetable terrariums to selected poor homes.

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Farm For Impact
with Kairos Agriculture

Kairos Agriculture and PWD Smart Farmability have committed to the production of 6000 Organic Vegetable Terrariums by the end of year 2021. With the pandemic showing no signs of slowing down, our advocacy of bringing nutritious food to the table in every home - rich or poor - is more important than ever.

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Feeding Without Borders

with World Humanitarian Drive and 
Noble Gateway Malaysia

A joint project with World Humanitarian Drive and Noble Gateway Malaysia, we target to feed 450 families by the end of 2021 with nutritious fish and vegetables. This project was awarded a Social Impact Matching grant totalling RM500,000.

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MCO 1.0 Hunger Relief Jalan Raja Laut
with Rotary Club of Bukit Angkasa

Homeless, jobless, and penniless, and caught in a completely deserted city with no crowd for them to beg from, no shop for them to scrap leftovers from. Our missions on the streets gave us a dark moment of realization - that in this pandemic, before anything else, food security comes first.

Social Impact Partners

We work hand-in-hand and back-to-back with our social impact partners who are either the givers (corporations or foundations) or receivers (NGOs). The list below is arranged alphabetically.

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Together with social impact partners, we witness firsthand the plights of the poor and how food insecurity can rip a country apart. Thus, we work closely with NGOs and corporations to tackle hunger through the principles of regenerative agriculture.

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How You Can Make A Difference

No ambition too large, no effort too small. From little gestures like connecting us to a welfare shelter in dire need, to getting us involved with designing a smart food chain for your smart city - if you have the right heart to sow a good seed, please reach out to us.