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32 Terrariums to 3 Orang Asli Villages in Klang - journey with Daily Bread Food Bank

32 Terrariums to 3 Orang Asli Villages in Klang - journey with Daily Bread Food Bank

For the past 2 weeks, we were preoccupied with the production and deployment of 32 units of our #OrganicVegetableTerrarium adopted by Goodnite Malaysia. Together with Vincent and Ham from Daily Bread Food Bank, we went down to 3 separate villages around Port Klang where the fishermen orang asli were currently residing in. Vincent has been supporting the villagers in Pulau Indah with dry food supplies from the food bank for the past 8 years. "For many years, we have tried to utilize the land to grow vegetables," Vincent says, "unfortunately, the soil is unsuitable for agriculture - anything that we grow on this ground cannot survive past juvenile stage." "The villagers here also do not have the skills or education to farm, their livelihood depends solely on fishing from the sea." Thanks to Inspector Hamdan from our neighbourhood police station in USJ8 - we were granted the permit to travel from PJ to Subang to Klang, and our initiatives of deploying these regenerative terrariums to the needy communities were possible. Situation in Tanjung Harapan & Bagan Haylam: Villagers here have been evacuated several times, but return to the area to rebuild their lives again. Their homes are built right next to a main road along the industrial areas of Port Klang, and there is no land for agriculture activity as the entire place is built on a mangrove swamp. Their only source of financial income is through the sales of fishing bait (called 'pumpun sarang'), and live fish fries and shrimps. Throughout the lockdown, fishing activity is not allowed, and the villagers are unable to travel out to the sea to find food. Any income they earn from sales is equally distributed throughout the village. Situation in Pulau Indah: The salinity of the soil is high as the village is located by the sea. While wild shoots and edible plants such as 'kangkung' and sweet potato leaves can be seen creeping on vacant lots, the villagers there are also not equipped with any basic knowledge on farming, gardening, or even land maintenance - as rubbish are littered just about anywhere in the village. A thorough program must be strategized to take these villagers' literacy to the next level. Meanwhile, our terrarium and the dry foods from food bank is able to sustain them for the time being.
Distributing 134 fishes with Rotary Club of Pantai Valley

Distributing 134 fishes with Rotary Club of Pantai Valley

Last week, a total of 134 heads of fresh organic tilapias have gone to a number of needy households, children homes, senior homes, and the blind society. These fishes are adopted by the generous leaders of Intestars, Elevat8, and Rotary Club of Pantai Valley, District 3300. This adoption program has once again proven to us all that people can come together in #CreatingSharedValue, doing their part in balancing social foundations through humanitarian works. We've also received this #FrequentlyAskedQuestion : "Why are you giving the poor a fish, instead of teaching them how to fish?" - And we would like to take this opportunity to enlighten our friends and family. Referring to #AbrahamMaslow #HierarchyOfNeeds - a motivational theory in psychology comprising a five-tier model of human needs, where by the first four levels are often referred to as deficiency needs. #PhysiologicalNeeds is the foundation of all needs, which comprises of biological requirements for human survival, e.g. air, food, drink, shelter, clothing, warmth, sex, sleep. If these needs are not satisfied the human body cannot function optimally. Only when these needs are fulfilled, can people move up the tier into #SafetyNeeds - and job security falls under the second tier. With #COVID19 forcing 121 million more people around the world to go #hungry, we urge our followers to consider this; that food and nutrition security comes first, everything else is secondary. "I was hungry, and you fed me." Please continue to stay tuned with us for more updated on our #AdoptAFish program - and help us spread the word. Your adoption will help us achieve #CircularEconomy #DisabilityInclusivity #NutritionSecurity #FoodSecurity #HealthyDiet for the B40 and below.

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Together with social impact partners, we witness firsthand the plights of the poor and how food insecurity can rip a country apart. Thus, we work closely with NGOs and corporations to tackle hunger through the principles of regenerative agriculture.

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How You Can Make A Difference

No ambition too large, no effort too small. From little gestures like connecting us to a welfare shelter in dire need, to getting us involved with designing a smart food chain for your smart city - if you have the right heart to sow a good seed, please reach out to us.