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How You Can Support Our Advocacy

If you are an individual, you can support our advocacy by:

  • Watching ‘Kiss The Ground’ on Netflix

  • Reading about soil health & circular economics

  • Tell your friends & family members about our works

  • Recommend us to your company for CSR activities

  • Compost your organic waste at home

  • Reach out to a hardcore poor family / community

  • Volunteer your time to train the beneficiaries of our organic vegetable terrarium

  • Adopt our produce for the poor


If you are representing a corporation who is looking for a sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project, or an NGO with a name list of beneficiaries who may need our produce to alleviate hunger and food insecurity - feel free to reach out to us.

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Adopt A Fish, Feed A Family - RM35 only

Our fishes are organically grown with no hormones or antibiotics - and is considered a luxury for many poor families who cannot afford a decent source of protein. For only RM35, you can make ~2kg fish available to a struggling family.

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Adopt An Organic Vegetable Terrarium - RM200/unit

Designed to be a regenerative treasure box of fresh, nutritious, live, and organic vegetables, the terrarium is self-watering and requires no fertilizers, skills, or input cost to continuously produce food for our beneficiaries. Hundreds of testimonies show that the poor has consumed from the box for 8 to 21 months.

Social Impact Measurement


Organic fish adopted for needy families



Terrariums in the homes of the rich & poor



Families from marginalized groups fed

You may also donate to our social enterprise.

As a social enterprise, 35-51% of our cost or profit must be dedicated towards improving our environment or community. At PWD Smart Farmability, the figure is well over 65%, not yet including the intangible values of our works. We do our best to keep our costs low while making as big an impact as we possibly can. Thus, we are open to receiving donations which will reduce some of our burdens in making nutritious food accessible to the poor.

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Your Donations At Work

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