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Corporate ESG

Our Innovations Are Centered Around Making Nutrition Accessible For All 

We are what our food has been eating. All of our initiatives here are centered around SCALING UP NUTRITION - with innovative methods that make fresh, organic and nutritious source of vegetables, fruits, and fish accessible to the poor & marginalized groups.

The World's First Organic Vegetable Terrarium That Is Regenerative

With this terrarium, we are combating nutrition insecurity and climate change while raising awareness on soil health restoration. We need smarter food systems that work towards zero waste, zero food miles, zero carbon emission, and carbon sinking. Our ultimate goal with this terrariums is that the poor will no longer eat poorly, thereby lessening the pressure on our public healthcare system.

Ethically Farmed Freshwater Fishes Without Antibiotics Or Growth Hormones

Fish is a protein source which the poor cannot afford. Our technology is able to farm Red Tilapia organically, eliminating hormones & antibiotics while reducing mortality rates by more than half. We have also successfully converted the infamous catfish to become a PREMIUM delicacy with hotel-grade taste and texture. These nutritious protein harvest have gone to hundreds of poor homes.

The Services We Offer Help Our Partners Resist Compassion Fatigue

Soup Kitchen

We Are Rethinking Philanthropy

While charitable giving has hit a record high in 2018, the trillions of dollars in donation seems like a drop in a bucket. If the effectiveness of philanthropy is determined by how deep we can dig into our own pockets, it calls for an urgent restructuring of charitable models.


There is a dire need for third-party intervention to enable the poor to thrive in a capitalist-driven society. Surviving purely on donations is not sustainable, and wealth does not trickle down from the rich to the poor. With the rise of new forms of poverty in a post-COVID19 era, we need to demonstrate economic models and food systems that are compassion resilient.

Compassion Resilience in a Post-COVID19 era

People are burnt out - they’re tired and fatigued. Donors only have so much to give, in what appears to be an endless sea of increasing needs. Frontliners are overworked, and deaths are now seen as just another addition to the statistics. In the face of this humanitarian crisis that will soon develop into a food crisis, there is a great urgency to address the needs at the base of Maslow’s Hiearchy of Needs, especially food security.


"If you don’t feed people, you feed conflict.  Conflict drives hunger and famine, and hunger and famine drive conflict." - UN Secretary-General António Guterres


Thus, agriculture is no longer about farming, it is about feeding. We must decentralize food systems into household levels, arming the poorest with the ability to feed themselves continuously. And the only way to do that is through regenerative agriculture.

Classic Doughnut 680 x 680.png

The People and the Planet In A Local, Circular Economy

We need to develop a food system that meets the needs of people without further harming our planet. For humanity to get there, we have to abandon last century's economic thinking. Hence, we urge you to look up Doughnut Economics which proposes a new way of thinking that includes the regenerative and distributive dynamics which this post-COVID19 era needs. 


The starting point of the Doughnut Economics concept - is to change the goal from endless GDP growth to creating a safe and just space for humanity within the capacity of our planet. The United Nations has declared this era as a "DECADE ON ECOSYSTEM RESTORATION AND GENERATION RESTORATION".

Looking for a truly revolutionary and sustainable CSR project?

We humbly appeal to all esteemed organizations to work with us and start pivoting towards a Circular Economy. These 2 years of lockdown has proven that we can no longer drive GDP when the entire supply chain is halted by the health pandemic, and we have to give the power back to the people through decentralizing the food systems.


Kindly consider pledging 1% of your ROI to fulfill the ESG (Economic,  Sustainability, Governance) in your audited reports. 

We Have Strong International Partners

We work with renowned institutions and organisations whose advocacies are in alignment with ours, and are recognized by the United Nations.

We Have Multiple Proof-Of-Concepts

Not only do we offer our clients the best of both worlds by tackling environmental and humanitarian issues at once -  we’re offering a continuous story with proven long-term positive impacts, in which its values are both qualitative and quantifiable.


Humanitarian Social Impact Projects

Planting a Tree

Agriculture Research & Development

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