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Pn. Mariam Kasim

Admin & Finance

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Pn. Mariam Kasim is part qualified in Chartered Institute of Management Accountant (CIMA). She is the Director of Asnaf Community Development Unit at the Islamic Outreach ABIM Centre (IOAC) and has received multiple recognitions which include:

- PwD Smart FarmAbility TVET Phase 1 Regenerative Agriculture for successfully mastering the World's First Regenerative Organic Vegetable Terrarium,
- PwD Smart FarmAbility TVET Phase II - Food literacy & Food Sovereignty for gaining the knowledge to operate the World's First Soil-U-tion Aquaponics Satellite Farm System and ethically grow food for B40 low-income families,
- Green Project Management® (GPM) Global USA Sustainability Award
PwD Smart FarmAbility PROJECT OF THE YEAR 2022 on the theme : Scaling Up Nutrition Movement.

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