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Dr. Tan Yen Wooi

Financial Leadership in Building Sustainable Economies

Billy Tang.jpg

I was first introduced to Dr Billy Tang by Professor Dato’ Dr. GP Doraisamy of WHD, U.K. (Malaysia Chapter). I have been very impressed with his innovative invention—organic vegetable terrariums—the HOPE Box, which aim to end hunger and make nutrition accessible to everyone.

I am willing to assist Dr Billy Tang’s PWD Smart FarmAbility, a social enterprise with my professional expertise. As the President of the Association of Certified Accountants, Malaysia, I believe that by connecting accounting to charity work such as Financial Management, Donor Management, Financial Analysis and Reporting, Internal Controls and Risk Management as well as Internal Auditing and Assurance, we can make a positive impact in the urban poor and underserved communities.

Accountants, too can contribute significantly to the financial stability, accountability, and sustainability of non-profit organisations such as PWD Smart FarmAbility, allowing them to focus on their mission and the communities in need.

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