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Dr. Lubna Sirat @ Dr. Master Mairavic Herradura Asio

Advisor and Consultant Doctor in Geriatrics for Health, Wellness and Sports

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Innovative and highly-organised professional offering expertise in delivering consulting and strategic marketing advocating business models and procedures, leading to increased profitability. Possesses project management and change management background, achieving optimal results with competent planning, organisation, and Innovative solutions to address fundamental business needs. Stellar communication and presentation skills; recognised for positively influencing individuals and motivating teams.

Initiate plans for client companies to streamline cohesive vision for marketing, sales, product design and others, driving profitability and mitigating losses.

Evaluated diverse organizational systems to identify workflow, communication, and resource utilisation.

Dr. Lubna Sirat @ Dr. Master Mairavic Herradura Asio's portfolio includes:

1) Project Manager and Consultant
Office of the President
Department of Migrant Workers and Cooperative Development Authority
Republic of the Philippines

2) CEO Founder
Global Elite Middle East Specialist LLC

3) CEO President
CWPT New York, USA

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