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Dr. Kara-Lee Terblanche

Advisor and Consultant Medicinal Herbalist (Phytotherapy)

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Dr. Kara-Lee Terblanche is a medical herbalist from South Africa. (Phytotherapy)

She gained her education from the school of natural medicine (BSc Complimentary Medicine, BSc Phytotherapy summa cum laude. UWC, South Africa). She is registered with the AHPCSA (Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa) and hold a doctor's title/practice number.

She has been in practice since 2009 in South Africa, China, Thailand, Malaysia and online.

She consults with patients and assist them with herbal treatment, diet and lifestyle advice.

She also offers massage (deep tissue, Indian head/body massage, naval and spinal setting, etc), reiki and acupressure. She offers workshops for both the layman and the medical professional, on how to create effective herbal medicines and how to manage your own health. Empowerment.

She has worked in retail management, tourism, education and have also moderated clinical/practical exams. From time to time, she writes journal articles and have been featured in a few magazines and scientific journals.

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