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The PWD Smart FarmAbility: Journey from Wheels to Farm
  • The PWD Smart FarmAbility: Journey from Wheels to Farm

    About the Book


    The PWD Smart FarmAbility: Journey from Wheels to Farm is written by award-winning agriculturist and researcher, renowned international speaker, humanitarian and founder of PWD Smart FarmAbility, Dr Billy Tang. It is an illustrative guide that presents practical and innovative sustainable agricultural practices to combat climate change, improve food security and promote healthy and more sustainable food choices for all.


    The book introduces Dr Billy Tang’s three World's First Agri-Innovation: Organic Regenerative Vegetable Terrarium, Ethically Farmed Fish, and Soil-U-tion Satellite Farms System. It showcases his HOPE Boxes and Satellite Farms, which provide fresh, nutrient-dense vegetables and farmed fish to underserved communities without requiring prior agricultural knowledge.


    The book also highlights the importance of food literacy and how our food choices impact the planet and our health. Dr Billy Tang's work empowers communities in Malaysia and beyond, with agricultural knowledge to make healthier and more sustainable choices, regardless of their economic backgrounds.


    He emphasizes that agriculture is no longer about farming but feeding for health and optimizing the perfection of the human immune microbiome. In fact, 70 per cent of the immune system is located in the gut, making diverse bacteria important for optimal immune system function. This highlights the connection between healthy soil, healthy food and a healthy body. Nutrition should not be a luxury but a human right and nutrition can certainly save a nation!

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