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Mr. Terry Goh Jiu Sin

Design and Operations of Commercial-Scale Aquaponics and Aquaculture

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Mr. Terry Goh Jiu Sin has an extensive 15-year portfolio as a chemist, agronomist, and aquaculturist - who has innovated several market-fit, 100% natural products that have proven results in increasing yield for fruiting trees and vegetables, eradicating various plant diseases, and reducing mortality rate in aquaculture livestock.

He is a firm advocator of ethical farming methods - and firmly believes that nature has the complete balanced micronutrient and trace minerals needed to restore the health of plants and livestock. He has successfully developed an outdoor aquaponics system that can stock 10 times more fishes compared to conventional aquaculture farming methods, and decrease mortality rate down to 5%, compared to commercial standard of 10%.

Mr. Terry Goh Jiu Sin’s experience in agriculture extends to Malaysia, Thailand, and Cambodia. He is our Technical Advisor and Consultant.

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