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Dr. Ong Kuo Ghee

Medical Rehabilitation and PWD Enabling Processes in Malaysia

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M.D. (Unimas), Master in Rehabilitation Medicine (Malaya), Academic of Medicine Malaysia (AM), CMIA (NIOSH), CIME (USA).

Dr. Ong is a practising medical doctor for the past 15 years. He furthered his studies with a Masters of Rehabilitation Medicine and graduated in 2015 from University Malaya.

Since then, Dr. Ong has been working as a rehabilitation medicine physician for the Ministry of Health and Social Security Organization (SOCSO) of Malaysia. Dr. Ong’s key expertise lies in managing people with disabilities (PWD) with neurological deficits, musculoskeletal deficiencies, and mental health issues.

He is our Board Advisor and consultant on medical rehabilitation and PWD enabling processes.

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