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PERKESO and Hospital Sg. Buloh brings OKU visitors to our farm in USJ2

Updated: May 14, 2021

Late last year, PWD Smart Farmability celebrated International Day of People with Disabilities with an exciting and info-filled gathering at Dr Billy's, PWD's founder, farm.

The people present that day included staffs and nurses from Jabatan Perubatan Rehabilitasi Sungai Buloh, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, Perkeso (Socso), Rotary Club, Dewan Perdagangan Islam Malaysia (DPIM), Residence Association USJ2, and fellow OKUs from other centres.

During the visitation, Dr Billy explained that PWD's farm operates with "kebuntroniks", a platform that merges agriculture and electronics to aid disabled workers in urban indoor farming.

He adds that he and his team have shared values and visions to create an inclusive society through the provision of a job or a "kebun mampan" (sustainable farm) for the disabled.

PWD’s vision for the disabled community in Malaysia is that the Malaysian government will practice a zero-reject policy when registering for an OKU card and its benefits. Currently, out of

4.2 million disabled people in Malaysia, only approximately 550,000 are registered with Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM).

Hence, we are working very closely with Hospital Sungai Buloh to make nutritious food accessible to all disabled people, whether they are registered or not. Hospital Sungai Buloh has been providing us with a list of their disabled patients who will benefit from our HOPE Box.

Harvest organic regenerating and unrefrigerated vegetables that can self-sustain for up to 3 months. Read more about its benefits here.

As we move closer to the Shared Prosperity Vision 2030, PWD is excited to see the adoption of their HOPE Box as a solution to a local circular economy.

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