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Dr. Billy Tang contributes to The Agricultural Transformation and Inclusive Growth

On 21 November 2019, Dr. Billy Tang of PWD Smart Farmability was invited to represent urban farmers at a consultation meeting organised by the World Bank Group and Malaysia's Ministry of Economic Affairs. The event took place at the Prime Minister's Department Complex, Federal Government Administrative Centre in Putrajaya.

A brief moment with Minister of Economic Affairs of Malaysia-Dato Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali

In the "The Agricultural Transformation and Inclusive Growth - the Malaysian Experience" study, it identified important challenges Malaysia faces on its path to reaching a higher agricultural transformation stage. The consultation meeting aimed to discuss the challenges and identify possible mechanisms in addressing these challenges.

During the event, Dr. Billy Tang introduced the HOPE Box, which was then highlighted as the game-changer in scaling up nutrition for our country. The HOPE Box enables beneficiaries to harvest live, fresh, and highly nutritious unrefrigerated vegetables for consumption at the comfort of their own homes. For more information on the benefits of our HOPE Box, please check it out here.

At Economic Planning Unit. Prime Minister's Department.

While presenting his vision, he explained that PWD Smart Farmability is geared towards helping Malaysia create a local circular economy and to empower the disabled through agriculture. The farm holds a "Zero Reject Policy", and with the assistive equipment from Perkeso (Socso), the farm hopes to fulfil aspirations in creating meaningful jobs, helping the disabled community, and growing shared values among the nation.

PWD strongly advocates the "Scaling Up Nutrition" movement in our country for the sake of eliminating malnutrition and non-communicable diseases in the lower-income and disabled community.

Dr. Billy Tang then extended his gratitude to Dato Yatima, Director of Agriculture Division, Ministry of Economic Affairs for the invitation to share on Urban Farming @World Bank Group "Agriculture Transformation & Inclusive growth."

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