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An Official Visitation From The Department Of Agriculture Malaysia

In late June 2020, the Malaysian Department of Agriculture or Jabatan Pertanian Malaysia paid an official visit to PWD Smart FarmAbility's farm.

The team present that day included Pn. Latifah Bt Merais, the Assistant Director of the Crop Industry Development Division and her team who were representing Pn. Nor Sam Bt Alwi, the director of the department.

Appointed as an official representative for agriculture by the Ministry of Economic Affairs earlier this year, Dr. Billy Tang, the founder of PWD Smart FarmAbility, and the team presented our efforts and strategies in establishing a local circular economy in our present society.

Using the COVID-19 pandemic as an example, the team explained that agriculture is no longer about farming, but about feeding. Raising awareness of the importance of breaking the cycle of poison in our food chain, scaling up nutrition, and introducing food literacy at academic grassroots becomes one of the most vital things in building a society that has stable food security.

Nonetheless, overcoming food insecurity takes years of education, dedication, and interest that has been instilled and cultivated. Like the American writer Carl Bard once said, "Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending."

With the world's first Organic Vegetable Terrarium, we hope that we can achieve these goals while providing nutritious, alive, and unrefrigerated vegetables to the people around us.

If you are in Klang Valley, Malaysia and would like to support us, subscribe to or adopt a HOPE Box here.

If you are outside Klang Valley or Malaysia, you can make nutritious food available to the marginalized by adopting a HOPE Box for only RM150 or $35. HOPE Box allows beneficiaries to harvest organic regenerative vegetables from an enclosed terrarium for 3-months.

Watch how the visitation went here:

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