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Nutrition Can Save A Nation.

Agriculture is no longer about farming, but feeding for health.

A Multi-Award Wining Social Enterprise

In 2020, we’ve won 2 highly coveted awards for our advocacy of environmental health and food security through ethical farming and making nutritious, organic food accessible to people of all economic background.

Star Golden Hearts Award
Gamuda Inspiration Award

Social Impact Measurement

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Nutritious food should not be a luxury - but a human right.

Society has neglected nutrition empowerment for the poor and disabled, and Malaysia has lost 20 years of agriculture wisdom to industrialization. Now faced with an ever-evolving pandemic, everyone is diving into food agriculture with little to no knowledge about its risks, challenges, runoffs, biological factors, traceability, etc. At PWD Smart Farmability, we start with breaking the poisonous cycle of conventional agriculture and instilling food literacy at household levels.

Fulfilling The UNSDG17

All of our works and projects are designed to meet 10 out of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Behind The Scenes

We’re always on ground zero. Together with social impact partners, we witness firsthand the plights of the poor and how food insecurity can rip a country apart. Thus, we work closely with NGOs and corporations to tackle hunger through the principles of regenerative agriculture.

Deep-Dive Into Our Works

Food security does not have to come at the expense of planetary health. Our works aim to substantiate multidisciplinary academic theories in the areas of economy, business, science, agriculture, engineering, humanitarian, socio-economics, etc -  through our business & farming practices.

How You Can Make A Difference (backgroun

How You Can Make A Difference

No ambition too large, no effort too small. From little gestures like connecting us to a welfare shelter in dire need, to getting us involved with designing a smart food chain for your smart city - if you have the right heart to sow a good seed, please reach out to us.

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